My Perfume Collection

1st Row: Left to Right: Taylor Swift Enchanted,
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Nick Minaj Pink Friday  
The first row is my all time favorites and the newest perfumes in my collection. I received the Taylor Swift Enchanted Perfume with the Nick Minaj Pink Friday Perfume as a christmas gift and I love them. I have a really hard time on deciding  what perfume I am going to wear everyday.

2nd Row: Left to Right: Chanel Chance,
Marc Jacobs Oh Lola, Ed Hardy 
This is probably my favorite perfumes. I love the Chanel perfume. I know its not for everyone but I love it. The Marc Jacobs oh lola perfume is perfect for summer. The ed hardy perfume I received last christmas as a gift and I love it. It is gone but I keep it there in hoping my day I will re-purchase it.

3rd Row: Front Left to Right:
Hollister   Laguna Beach Lotion, Hollister Laguna Beach Body Mist,
 Hollister  Malibu Beach Body Mist 
I don't really good to this part of my collection do to the fact that I don't like body mists. I don't buy body mists they were given to me as a gift but I do use them. I really like the Hollister Laguna Beach Collection. I recently got that collection for christmas.

My Favorite Perfume! 
Ok! This coach perfume is amazing! I've been wearing this perfume ever since high school and I always go back to it. It is that perfume that is a must have for my collection. I've gone through 3  or 4 of these!

I know! I have a lot of samples but I love them because when you go on vacation or go for a weekend trip with your girls you can easily put this in your makeup and it wont take up that much room.