Review: Moroccanoil Treatment

A while back I did a blog post about my holy grail oil called The Macadamia Healing Oil. My aunt and I recently got our nails done a salon which I haven't done in a while because I rather save money and do it myself and I am actually becoming quit good but anyways after we got our nails done she decided to pop in the hair salon right next door because she was running low on a few things. Meanwhile here I am in heaven because everything hair or makeup related was discounted and I decided to pick me of my favorites its Moroccaoil Treatment which I haven't used Moroccaoil in forever but it was only $8.50. 

I apply Moroccan Oil very sparingly, a little goes a very long way. This small 25ml bottle doesn't have a pump so it is really easy to pour out too much product but a little goes a long way with this product. This oil is quite thick but I haven't found that it weighs my hair down at all. I've  tried countless leave in conditioners, Macadamia's Leave in Cream and Macadamia's Healing Treatment but none of them have left my hair feeling and looking so soft, shiny and thoroughly healthy.If you want shiny hair, hair that's less frizzy with healthier ends then this is a product you should try. I know it's expensive but it's an investment in your appearance and for me this has paid off big time. 

 I, personally, couldn't recommend this highly enough as it is hands down the best hair treatment that I have ever tried - nothing else has been as good as this.

Do you use hair oils, If you which ones? 

XOXO, Rosie