Review:Pray For Your Future Husband Book


Let me start off by saying 'Praying for Your Future Husband' is not necessarily but those who read the book already know prayer is important. I prayed very irregularly before reading this book but now after I have read and understood what it meant  I have began praying every night for the man I will one day meet.  But more than that, I have found my hope that God, the lover of my soul, will give me the best if I leave the choice up to him.  I'm so grateful I read this when I did, because I was at a point in my life where I was so desperate to find someone that I was looking in all the wrong places. This book helped me to realize the aspects of my own life I need to work  before I can consider thinking of who I will one day marry. 

Robin and Tricia share their life stories including their joys and struggles. I love the stories that Robin and Tricia have woven into the book – their own stories and life experiences. Both have different stories, that is what makes this book so special – because everyone has a different story, especially when it comes to love.  I wasn't expecting to have my hope restored.
I personally copied the prayers into a notebook and choose a different one to pray every day. I really enjoyed this book, it has helped my relationship with God become stronger. 

It is a well-written book and well thought out and encouraging book geared specifically to young women.

With Much Love,