5 Ways To Show Your Man You Care

I've been noticing walking in stores their setting up for valentines day and I thought I would do a blog post about men and valentines day. Here's the first post hope you enjoy. Now lets get started:

5 ways to show your man you care!

1. Buy him flowers
Yes men do like flowers. As do many guys stereotype themselves as unromantic they do like the gesture. if he doesn’t appreciate them, you can enjoy them yourself.

2. Weekend Getaway
Is your man getting overwhelmed with a heavy work load and he needs a little break from reality and go on a weekend getaway.

3. Cook your man dinner
It doesn't have to be a special occasion to cook your man dinner it could be as simple as date night.

4. Join in on his hobbies
You don't have to be good at hockey, he would just appropriate the thought. he would be happy your willing to try something new, just for him.

5. Gifts
Yes guys love gifts just as much a women do. Treat your man nice and get him something good even if its for no occasion, he would appreciate the kind thought.