Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque Review

I finally caved in and purchased this hair mask and I couldn't be more happier. Can I just say this hair mask is amazing! I tried a bunch of hair masks in the past and i could definitely tell a difference when using this one. My hair is soft, shiny,  and moisturized . I let the product sit in my hair for 7-10 minutes and I rinse out and put in some leave in conditioner in my hair. 

My hair was super damaged a few months from dying my hair blonde. Don’t get me wrong I love my blonde for hair but it is really damaged. Like most reviews I’ve read I have to mention that the smell of this mask is delicious. No tangles! Highly recommended! Worth every penny. I do have to say I took me along time to purchase with product because of the price but then I purchased it and I couldn’t have made a better choice. I honestly think if I didn't use this stuff my hair would be just like hay.  

 I definitely want to try more of there products! What should I try next from Macadamia Natural Oil?  

xx Rosina