Bare Essentials Warmth All Over Face Color Review

If you know me you know I love Bare Essentials or BareMinerals because I hate wearing foundation because I can be to heavy on myskin. I also have very sensitive skin and I have to aware of the differenttypes of products I put on my skin cause it can cause me to break out.

I like better then fake tan and that’s saying a lot. Warmthis a very flattering shade for every skin tone. It’s so unique and different.I’ve never used a mineral bronzer before. I have gone from super tan to superpale, no matter what color you are this color will work for you.

 A little goes a longway when applying. If you use it everyday like I do a jar can last you up to 6months. Its gives you such a natural looking glow to your skin. It not tooorangey like most bronzers are. I also love that it has no shimmer because withmy oily skin if I have any type of shimmer I can look overwhelming if my skingets a little oily.

I will be forever repurchasing this bronzer. It’s amazing.

If you guys know any others brands that have mineral bronzeror any  bronzer that you think I shouldtry out, let me know in the comments below.

I heard Nars Laguna is very popular but it’s a little pricyfor me, I might just have to give in and purchase it.