What's In My Backpack/ Essentials

 I came home from school yesterday and I had to clean out my backpack and I was cleaning it out when I realized I should do a post on my school essentials and what I bring with me. As you can see I bring a calculator but this is my last math class so I won't need to bring it for math next year ( thank god) I am not that smart when I comes to math. I have pocket dictionary. I also have my Iphone charger which is a life saver when it comes to this girl. I am always on twitter, instagram, blogger and other social media sites during the breaks in between classes. I have my house keys. I also have some cough drops which I never use but I keep them just in case cause when I take them out that is going to be the day I am going to need them. I also have my pencil case ( the light foral one ) and my makeup bag. I also take a snack with me just in case I get hungry in class. I always have gum but never take out your gum in front of the class because everyone is going to be asking you for a piece. I have some tissues which I don't need but like I said before I am not going to take them out because when I do that is going to be the day that I am going to need them.  I also have my reading glasses, in that vera bradley ID case I keep my school ID and some cash just in case I need money for the vending machine. 

I know people are going to ask what my backpack looks like so this is my backpack its a vera bradley backpack in the print happy snails. Its the laptop backpack. This backpack retails for $108. It is on sale on the vera bradley website for $79.

Let me know any new/old products you would like to do to a review on in the comments below! :)