Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat

My nails have been quit weak and breakable recently they often break and then I have to cut the rest of my nails because they are uneven if I don't. Around the age of 13-15 I used to wear acrylic with ruined my natural nails hugely and I regret ever wearing acrylics for the simple fact. When I removed my acrylic nails my natural nails where so bendable and breakable they used to snap right off. Don't get to wrong I loved wearing my acrylic nails because I didn't have to polish my nails every 3-5 days, I used to get my acrylic re-done or polished every two weeks but at the end of the day it did add up and I decided to remove them.  

After walking around Walmart looking for different nail polishes I found this base & top coat. This product is a 2 in 1 which I love because I get to save a little money which makes me very happy. Not only does this product strengthen your nails its also a top and base coat. I can go without polishing my nails for probably 5-7 days before I notice chipping. After you apply this to your nails it gives your nails a shiny, strong finish. 

Overall, I noticed such a huge difference with my  natural nails since they where hugely ruined by acrylic nails. I can't remember the last time me nails broke and even chipped. Plus, this top coat adds a shiny to your nails that I've never seen with a top coat before.

XOXO, Rosie