Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue

Can I just say I have been looking for this polish for about a year now. I went into my local drugstore because my grandma had to pick up her medicine and I thought let me check and see if they have it and they did! I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. I am so happy. My grandma even said she was going to borrow it because she thought it was a pretty color too. She loves it too. 

Everything about this polish is amazing. I love the shape of the brush. It reminds me so much of the OPI one.  The brush allows me to have more control when I apply nail polish which I love. These polishes are perfect. If you see this polish in the store the color is the same when you apply it to your nails. 

I must say for being so cheap this polish is amazing. Well worth every penny. They're smooth and quick and easy to apply. I used two coats even though you can get away with using one. I always have the polish my nails with two coats, if I don't I feel like my nails aren't done. 

Natural Sunlight 

Have your ever tried this color, if you didn't I highly recommend it. I purchased mine at my local drugstore for $3.49. 

What color should I try next from the Xtreme Wear line?  

XOXO, Rosie