Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale

When Maybelline first came out with the dream bouncy blush line a year ago I remember everyone went crazy for them but not everyone was pleased with the quality. I thought I was the only one who loved them but then I realized my secret. 

These blushes are pigmented beyond belief. Hot Tamale is a coral- red blush with a frost finish that turns to a powder when dry. 

These dream bouncy blushes have such a unique formulation. It feels almost like a cream blush but when it dries it dries like a powdery texture. If you did not know any better it would probably be considered a cream brush. 

This is where my secret comes in. For a lot of people the application was difficult for most girls. I didn't like using my fingers for sanitary reasons. When girls where using there fingers it wasn't picking up lot of product which leaves a deeper pigmentation. If you use a sponge applicator or a brush you can pick up more product which in return you get a deep pigmentation. 

Hot Tamale is a very build able color but beware too much it can look a little cakey and that's never a good look. 

I purchased my dream bouncy blush at CVS for $7.99.