Benefit It's Potent!


Just recently  I decided to start wearing eye cream on a regular basis. Some may say it’s too early, other that it’s too late but for me it was the perfect time and I’m glad to announce that applying eye cream is now an  part of my skincare routine. Wearing eye cream protects the sensitive eye area from the appearance of wrinkles and also hydrates it so that the skin looks more youthful and fresh. Being 20 for me eye cream is an eye cream and sadly I can’t comment on their anti-aging part.  I can say weather it moisturizes well, which for my age is the most important part and what I look for in a cream.

I sampled a bunch of different eye creams in the past but I never tried a sample of Benefit Its Potent. I always heard excellent reviews so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the full size. It hydrates and moisturizes my under eye area so well and my skin feels incredibly soft and smooth. I haven't noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my dark circles. 

It's Potent looks perfect under makeup. Your under eyes looks hydrated and the concealer doesn’t cake or flake. 

Have you tried It’s Potent before? If you use eye cream which is your favorite!