Dear Future Husband Journal Entry #1

This is a bit more of a personal blog for today's post but but  I have been down for the past couple of months, seeing all those amazing bloggers and youtubers getting married and pregnant it makes me sad to see their future changing but I feel like I am stuck in the same place not going anyway but all around me life it changing. Do you every have that feeling? I applied to about 15 retail stores because I am in my last semester of college so that has been keeping my mind of things but everywhere I turn I see girls on facebook, instagram twitter showing pictures of their wedding dresses and their baby bumps/sonograms.  I saw this idea of Pinterest where you write letters/blog post ( if you want to share) to your future husband. A couple of days later not telling my grandma about the idea she tells me "oh you  should keep a journal of letter you write to your future husband" later that night probably 1am because I cant sleep I started to write my first letter to my future husband and it goes like this........

Dear Future Husband,                                                                                                  1-23-14  

I've been waiting my entire life to meet you. To fall in love with you. And someday, I know, God will give me exactly that chance. Until that day, I wait patiently (and sometimes not-so-patiently) to discover the man you are. 

So I ask you to please promise me...

To always hold my hand in private...and in public. To kiss me even when I least deserve it. Remind me everyday that you love me, even if that simply means the brush of your hand across my shoulders or a wink across the breakfast bar. 

Talk to me and talk often. Promise to always tell me about your day and let me share mine. 

Always laugh with me...and tell me when my jokes don't make sense. I want to spend the rest of my life with you laughing. 

Lead me closer to God. Remind me why I love Jesus by the simple act of your faith. Be a man of prayer. Pray with me every day. Don't place bars across your heart. Be honest...even when it's not.

Hold me when I cry. Take me in your arms even when I can't speak the pain. I want to spend the rest of my life in your arms, being reminded that I've been waiting for just this moment...with you. Cuddle with me at night. Touch me and touch me often. Hug me for no reason. Kiss my temple. Always kiss me goodnight.

Be my toughest critique and my biggest fan. Surround our home in God's love, the sound of joy and the ready promise of laughter. Share in the joy of friendship. Take me to church. Love children, especially our children and remind them every night that you do. 

When the storms of life inevitably tremble the timbers of our home and threaten to rattle the foundation of our love, promise to never leave. To never allow the word "divorce" to enter our words, even in jest. 

Be the spiritual leader of our home. Believe the Bible. Beginning to end. Be a man that the rest of the world looks at and sees Jesus. Raise our children to love God. Speak

Find your dream and chase hard in the direction God places you. Take my hand and I'll run with you.

The man I've been waiting for my entire life. 

With all the love I have yet to give,
Your Future Wife.