January Favorites 2014: Beauty

It's been awhile since I did a favorites post and frankly I've missed it a lot. I can't believe January has come and gone. It feels like it was Christmas yesterday. Hope you all are doing well. Sorry for the lack of post lately I am finishing up my Retail Management Degree and this is my last semester. I am still unsure if I should go to Grad School. I really don't want to pay back all those loans.

so here are my monthly favorites! yay!

1. Benefit Pore-fessional 

This is my life saver every morning after I apply my moisturizer this is the primer I have been going to for the past two weeks and it hasn't broken me out. It smells a little funky but if you learn to look past the smell then you would love the primer.

2. Benefit Theyre Real Mascara 

In the beginning when I first got this mascara I hated it, it smudged a lot. I looked like a raccoon but after the first couple uses the smudging went away yay! and this mascara holds my curl better than any other mascara. The only done side is the price but I don't mind if it works well for me than why not. YOLO

3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 

I have been using this cleanser on and off since high school and just recently I have been using it morning and night and my skin cleared up. I think for good. If you want an updated skin care routine let me know in the comments. I have really sensitive skin probably because I used so much acne treatments and don't drink enough water.

4. Bare Minerals Original Foundation 

I used to use this foundation all throw out high school and I don't know why I stopped using it because this foundation is amazing if you have oily skin like me. It keeps me mate for a good 7 hours which is perfect because thats when I come home from college.

5. Mac Paint Pot in Painterly

This is another old favorite of mine and I dont know why I stopped using this product but I am so happy I picked it up again. If you have oily eye lids like me this is perfect for you. It also keeps my eyeshadow from creasing which is a big plus.