5 Ways To Love Yourself

1. Stay Inspired: Being inspired helps a lot not only with blogging but eating heathy  and working out. Yes, I would love to wake up on day with nice abs but thats not going to happen if I don't get inspired to do it. When your take of yourself you can build a better relationship with your friends and family. I find I am most inspired when I look on Pinterest at quotes, blog posts, and motivational books.

2. Look at Your Friends: Evaluate your friendships. Does your friend tell you what movie to see and where to go for dinner. Does she tell you what to order. Does your friend talk negatively a lot? It's amazing how negative people can change your attitude. Being negative is poison to your brain. Its's important to surround yourself with friends that value the same things as you. If you enjoy eating heathy and working out surround yourself with girls and boys that enjoy the same things as you. You will be surprised at how many things you have in common.

3. Spurge on Yourself:When you work hard go take yourself go get you nails done or go out to eat or whatever you need. No one is perfect.

4. Pray: Praying wasn't something I did all that often but as I gotten older I have realized I am starting to pray everyday. I struggle with the feeling of anxiety. Praying for a peace of mind and a rest in anxiety will help me better makes decisions.

5. Be Yourself: There is no need to pretend to be someone your not. No two people are the same. There is only one you. You only have one life here on earth. Like the JLO song Live It Up.