Day 9: What You Hope Your Future Will Be Like

My hope for the future will be a better life than I am living today. 

By that I mean: 
I want to be a successful business women working in the fashion/beauty industry.

I want to travel. A LOT! 
I hope to one day live in Paris. I want to put my feet on most of what God made hear on earth. 

In the future, I want to settle down in a medium sized house with a swimming pool and a big background with a vegetable garden. I want to have my own family. I want to have 3 or 4 children with my husband. I hope that my husband is happy. I hope my husband can support me with my career and our family. 

I want my kids to be smart and well educated. They will learn, they will read, playing instruments and be able to swim. I will be able to give them a good education, the best clothes and a stable childhood something I never had. 

But the future is unknown and I can't write my own future. If I had the opportunity to write my own future I probably would decline. I like not knowing where I am going to in 10 years or tomorrow. I love waking up everyday and being surprised with different opportunities and struggles. 

With Much Love,