5 Management Tips For Bloggers

Ever since I started blogging I struggled a lot with finding time with simple tasks like friends, family, school. For some reason it makes me laugh that girls think I have it all together when it comes to my blog. I wish I could sit home all day and just blog but I can't. So, here's how I manage the daily tasks and being a blogger. 

1. Write It Down
Sometimes, we can come up an idea and than forget about. I carry a notebook in my handbag. Whenever I get an idea or see something I just write it down. I highly recommend this.  

2. Plan Posts
I like to write my post's for the week on Saturday's. I usually write 3 posts one for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can sit down for 30  minutes a day or a full day like me. You can even write your posts and schedule to go up on the day and time you want. 

3. Promote 
This is a biggy. In today's world of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + etc. There are always ways you could be doing more. I like using twitter for the hastag #bbloggers. It helps a lot and you can become involved in there #bbloggers chats.

4. Giving Back 
For me the best part about blogging is meeting new friends and getting to know new people. We all have the same interests that's why all of you have a blog. Even if the friends you make never meet face to face. I respond to ever tweet, email that has to do with my blog. It takes a lot of time and effort to blog but that's what makes it fun. 

5. Set Goals 
 I takes time to get things exactly how you want them and having a list of goals or to-do's will help you 
get there without feeling overwhelmed.

With Much Love,