Day 10: Discuss Your First Love & First Kiss

My first kiss that I ever gotten from a boy that wasn't in my family was when I was 5 or 6 years old in kindergarten. I must have be an early bloomer? We were in kindergarten class and he was cute and funny. When I was in kindergarten we had mailboxes in our classroom and we got to write each other notes. I would always send him notes and he used to get so mad. I thought it was so cute; how he used to get that's why I kept putting notes in his mailbox. It didn't work out though because I was the girly girl and he was the rough and tough play in the sandbox type of guy.

In freshmen year of high school I liked his one boy but he was a junior, I thought he was so cute and funny. We only dated for a couple days before I broke it off because I found out throw kids in school that he was joining the military.  I was so upset I couldn't believe he didn't tell me about what he had done. I guess he didn't tell me and wanted to wait was because I told him I would break things off with any boy that had joined the military. I know that seems harsh but I have family members in the military and I see them struggling all the time. I know that military life wasn't and isn't for me but then again I don't know what God has in store for me.

                                                                With Much Love,