Blogging Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

Reply to comments: Always and I mean always reply to very single comment. The same goes for twitter and all your other social media sites. Make them feel like you notice them. If it wasn't for your followers your blog wouldn't be where it is today. You deserve to thank them. 

Have your name somewhere on your blog: I can get pretty frustrated when I am looking at someone's blog and I cant find their name. Having your name on your blog is important because I feel like I can get to know you more when I know your name, that's why I moved by name into the title on my blog.

Social media: Having social media will help grow your following on your blog. Also, you can grow relationships with your followers and connect with them on a more personal level. 

Make it easy to email you: When I first started blogging I used to email girls all the time to ask them questions about what camera they use or ask they where they bought there blogger template. Having your email visible is going to make emailing you so much easier.

Blogger template: If you are really considering blogging seriously, I suggest investing in a good template. I know it hard to  justify spending the money at first but if you want to get your blog out there your blogger template is very important.

Be you: Its easy in the beginning to get caught up in blogging. It is a lot of work. Remember to just have fun. 

                   With Much Love,