Pretty Little Liars Tag

Who is your favorite character?
At the beginning I really liked Emily, but now my favorite has to be Spencer. I think this is because I agree with all of the decisions. She's smart and really funny and I love Toby and her together. I would hate to see Spencer actually be a part of the A team but I don't think she is because why would she be doing this to herself in less she faking it all. 

Who do you think is behind the A Team?
Now we know Allison is alive which I knew that she was. I do believe Ezra and Mona are working together but I don't know if they are A. I do believe Melissa's husband (Ian) is still alive and what about Wren?  I don't there are so many theories and I can go on for days just telling you all my theories but that would be to much. 

Who do you ship?
Hannah and Travis but I think there's something about Travis we don't know yet. 

Most memorably cheesy/stupid moment?
My most memorable moment is when Toby and Spencer spent the night at that hotel room and when they woke up they had their first kiss outside Toby's truck or when Spencer surprised Toby and bought him that pick up truck. Just any Spencer and Toby moments. 

Favorite villain?
Mona! or Shana. 

Who do you think will/might become a villain?

Definitely Wren, Melissa, Shana?, Spencer's Mom and Dad oh and Maggie! I can't forget her. 

Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A?
Definitely Spencer or Hannah. Emily and Aria are the strong ones in the group. 

Which girl's style do you love the most? 
Spencer's but as in everyday wear most likely Aria's or Emily. They are dressed casual and cute. 

Why do the girls keep seeing Allison?  Do you think there’s more behind it?
I still believe in the twin theory even though the writer said they weren't writing it into the show. I mean they have to keep somethings to themselves. But how could only one person be behind all of this. Maybe Allison killed her twin, like she was saying in the Halloween episode, and everyone thinks Allison’s twin is dead, and Ali is still alive because remember in the Halloween episode when Hannah was walking by her self and saw those little twin girls with red coats on. If you haven't noticed already I feel like the show is going with the twin girl theory if you been watching since season 1 I feel like they have been putting little hints in about the twin girls and both of them wearing red coats. 

Who pushed Toby's Mom? 
I think it was Spencer that's why Spencer's dad didn't want Toby to go to far into the investigation. I mean it couldn't have been Mona or maybe it was that nurse that was helping Spencer when she was in Radley. 

What would you do if A was after you?
Cry I don't know what else I would do. I mean I wouldn't be able to go to the police. haha