Comparing Yourself To Others?

 How to notice your not acting like yourself? 
You just don't feel like yourself but what you’ve been comparing yourself too. 

Just remember......

You are special  but maybe you don't always feel that way and in that moment you probably think there is nothing special about you.

This is true in the blogging world as well as the "real" world. It is so easy to see "bigger" bloggers and how successful they are and get discouraged about our own blog. We wonder if people even read what we are writing, if they even care, but they do care. I care.

 You are special and so is your BLOG. Everyone has different strengths and different weaknesses.  Have a direction for your blog. It is too easy to look at others and compare ourselves. Don't get discouraged. Everyone is different but this mades us unique. 

Nobody but you have the right to dictate what you do, what you think, and what you believe in.

Stay focused and if you are feeling down or discouraged you can reach out to other bloggers for encouragement, support and advice. Take pride in the fact that your out there doing what you love. Just enjoy the ride.  

With Much Love,