Beauty Resolutions for 2013!

Beauty Resolutions for 2013! 

 Hello Bloggers! How are you? I can’t  believe 2012 is over, it came and went so fast. I decided to take a different turn and do my beauty resolutions for 2013. 

Lets get started:
  1. Get my hair healthier: Like I said in a older post I recently made a big change and decided to dye my hair blonde. Since then I has became very dry and dull. Basically now I am forced to take better care of my hair. I recently found same of the best hair care products that I love and that will get my hair back to the way it used to be. Hopefully I will stick to this regime that consists of heat protection, shampoo,conditioner, leave in conditioner and serums and oils. 
  1. I am going to really try this year on this one but it is to try more daring eye looks. I stick to my natural eye looks a lot and this year I hope to try some new looks. 

  1. Start looking after my hands. I never use hand cream, because I've always assumed they picked up enough moisture from applying other types of moisturising products. 

  1. Try more bb creams. Lets be real I don’t wear much face makeup. I just use a face primer and a bare minerals powder and I’m out the door. I promise this year is going to be different and i am going to be consistent and try to wear bb cream, blush,bronzer 5 days out of the week. 

  1. Be on the look out for a eye lash serum. I always love those girls in those magazines with those amazing long lashes and I want them, but do eye lash serums really work? I guess I am going to have to do my research.

Tell me your beauty resolutions in the comments below I would love to here what you are going to do different in your beauty routine for the upcoming year :) 

xx Rosina