Recent Product Empties #1

There is my recent product empties. Ican’t believe I had so many empties. I thought Iwould share on my blog a few things, which I used up this month or over thelast few weeks. I think it’s such a good idea that people get to see theproducts other people used up. I hope you like these posts because I lovereading them. 

ClinqueTake the Day off Eye Makeup Remover:
Ok! I love this stuff!It’s amazing. It even removes waterproof mascara. I even use it for my face andI like it. It doesn’t break me out.

I’ve been using thisstuff every since middle school and I love it! It keeps my breath fresh andclean.

TresemmeHeat Tamer Spray:
This stuff is amazing! Ilove it because I can use it with my flat iron and curling iron and it smellsamazing.

RedkenReal Control Cream Care:
This is a leave in conditioner, It wasn’t thebest but it did the job. Its not a good as it’s a 10 but I finished it and I’mso proud of myself I thought this product was never going to end.

DoveCucumber Deodorant:
Seen I’ve been using Yesto Cucumbers I’ve been obsessed with the scent of cucumbers! I love the smellof the deodorant but I feel as if I have to keep reapplying it. Maybe itsbecause I’ve been working out and trying to get in shape.

KimKardashian Perfume:
I got this perfume when it first came out and I love it! Thescent is amazing! I can’t example the scent but it is a very womanly scent. It’snot fruity. It lasts all day. It smells amazing! I used to get so many complementswhen I used to wear it. I recently went to Sephora to try and find but theperson working there told me they haven’t seen this perfume in a long time. 

Ifyou know where I can find this perfume, please let me know in the commentsbelow. I would love to know. 

xx Rosina