Aussie Split-End Protector Review

Aussie Split End Protector 
I love this product! OMG! I think my hair grew 2-3 inches since I started using it. It smells amazing. If you don't like the smell or coconuts or Aussie products you probably wont like this product. The first time I used this product it wasn't a good experience. I put it in the ends of my hair  and then  brushed it through and I noticed when I put it on the ends of my hair my ends where sticky or stiff it wasn't fun. I washed it out and tried it again the next night. I didn't do the same thing as it did on the first night. It was smooth, it smelled good. The packaging is amazing I love the pump. I purchased this product at my local drugstore for under $3 dollars. At first I was a little hesitant because it was so cheap but I love it. Totally worth the money.