Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara Review


If you know me personality you know I love mascara so I was so excited when my neighbor gave me a bunch of samples she got at Sephora and this mascara was one of them. I love this mascara. It doesn’t do anything like add volume or length to your lashes. Its a very basics mascara perfect for beginners . It leaves you with the perfect amount of volume, not to overwhelming . It is probably the blackest mascara I have every owned, which I love. When I wear this mascara which is all the time I don’t even wear a full face of makeup because the eyes just say it all. I get so many good complainants whenever I wear this mascara. I love the packaging its so chic. Who doesn’t love the Bobbi Brown packaging its amazing. It doesn’t leave you with raccoon eyes at the end of day. Everything I wear this mascara I have no clumps.  It doesn’t flake. It doesn’t smudge or leave your lashes all spidery looking.  

If any of you guys tried this mascara let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Did it work for you or was it a no? 

Also, let me know of any new products that you want to see me do reviews on, or any tags or anything you want to talk about on my blog I will try and do.