Handbag Essentials

Hi, guys no talk. What have you guys been up too? 

How cute is this Hello Kitty Makeup Bag, though I think it is a pencil case. I got it in the dollar section of my local craft store. I love me some Hello Kitty :) 

Whats in my Handbag:

1. Hand Sensitizer
2. Hand Cream
3. Lip Balm
4. Hair Tie
5. Bobby Bins
6. Hair Clip
7. Band-Aids
8. Sample Mascara
9. Compact Mirror
10. Face Moisturizer

Yesterday I was catching up on reading blogs and I was reading The Beauty Pier and she recently did a post on her handbag essentials. As you guys recently cleaning out my backpack when I decided to do a "spring cleaning" as you will and I decided to clean out my make up too :) 

I showed you guys what in mine, I want to see whats in yours. Let me a comment below or do your own blog post and leave the link in the comments below. I would love to see what you keep in your handbag. 

I am also running out of ideas, what do you guys want to see next?