Pretty Little Liars Season Finale

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale:

1. Allison is "red coat"
Let's be real we all knew it was Allison I mean come on.

2. Toby is alive and a good person 
I knew all a long was alive and he was trying to help the girls :)

3. Spencer on the A team
I love spencer, she's probably my favorite character. She did such a good job tricking Mona to get on the A team.

4. Mona
Is Mona good or bad? I think Mona is a good person really I think she was being told by A what to do to the girls but then A turned on her.

5. 2 teams!!
Yes I do believe that they're to teams. There is the A team and then there is another team which is shanua, Jenna, and Melissa. What is up with Melissa why does she want her sister hurt or even worse but you show her concerned when she went to pentinville. Was that an act? Why is Melissa friends with Jenna I thought she hated her?

6. Who's was in the trunk
A lot of people believe it is Jason or Wilden but I believe it is Hannah's mom but since spencer found out Jason is her brother you think Jason would try and help spencer. Why doesn't he like her? Does he believe he had something to do with Allison's death.

7. Where is Spencer's dad and Mom?
I was watching abc family on youtube where the designer on the black swan costume said she was Victoria hasting!!! Which makes a lot of sense but why would her parents want to hurt her and her friends?!? because they believe they had something to do with Allison's death but when spencer found out Jason was her brother and Allison was her sister Spencer's mom told her she didn't like Allison?! But why didn't her family tell her that was her family too.

8. Allison was pregnant?!?
Why would Allison be killed just because she was pregnant, there has to be something there are not telling us. I really want to know who the father was!!

9. What about Caleb's "father"
What is with him? I don't get him. You know he stole that money from the church box.

10. Where is Hannah's mom?
I thought it was a weekend trip to New York? Is she teaming up with Victoria Hasting? Do they know something?

This was like a recap on the whole season not the season finale but I couldn't stop myself I just have so much questions. I feel with this season finale I had so many questions answered but know I have so many new questions!!

What do you believe? Let me know in the comments below!!!