Self Tanning 101

 Let me tell you it's the truth! I would be lying  to you if I said I don't like to lay out and get some vitium D cause I do love to lay out but I don't do it all the time and make sure if you do make sure you have on some kind of SPF. 

Step One:  Make sure to exfoliate with a scrub! This is very important, you want to exfoliate because if you don’t remove all the greasy residue on your skin, the tanner won't absorb evenly and will streak.

Step Two: Using your bare hands are better than gloves! Believe it! Using your bare hands with just help with the streaks you might get because using gloves you might not be apply to blend properly and can cause streaks and you don’t want your hands and your body to be two different colors that is never full. 

Step Three: Now it is time to apply the self tanner. Finally. You want to go slowly and rub gently letting the self tanner soak in. Doing it slow with ensure complete coverage. When applying self tanner you want to apply the self tanner one direction and then go the opposite direction doing this will cause less streaky-ness. ( is that even a word) When applying self tanner to your knees or elbows you want to use less self tanner because the self tanner goes on a lot heavier because your knees and elbows have a lot of creases.