April Favorites 2013

I can't believe April  is over it went by so fast, I can't get over it but I am going to have too because May is my birthday month :) and I am so excited I was born on May 5th ( Cinco De Mayo).
My first favorite is my Naked 2 Palette. When I first purchased this palette I did really have much use for it because I love neutral eye looks and this palette was a little darker then what I would go for but I recently started using it and I haven't put it down ever since. 
If you want to see the look I have been doing I am going to do a post on it this weekend so look forward to that. 

ELF Blush in Candid Coral 

Second is my The Balm Hot Mama blush. I can't believe I went so long with this blush. I am not a big fan of blush I tend to be more of a bronzer person but ever since I started using this blush it has been one of my all time favorites.  This blush is perfect as a highlight too. I am planning to do a full review on this blush. 

Third is my Too Faced bronzer I purchased this last summer and I am in love. I can't stop using it, I have been using it everyday for the past 2 weeks. It look amazing with The Balm Hot Mama. It looks very natural. It gives you the perfect glow to your face. 

Forth is my Covergirl Clump Crusher. It is amazing. It doesn't flack or clump. It doesn't your lashes all spidery looking. It adds the perfect amount of volume. Its just perfect. 

Last by not least is ELF blush is candid coral. It blush I also use with the Too Faced bronzer and I love it. Its only $3 dollars. It has really good pigmentation for only being $3 dollars. It adds this dewy glow finish to your skin. Its perfect for those summery months. 
    XOXO, Rosie