April Product Empties

I have a lot of products this month. All of these products did even fit in this makeup bag I got from Clinique. 

Lets begin: 

First I have my Loreal Total Moisture shampoo & conditioner which I am very sad about finishing. I loved this shampoo & conditioner I would totally recommend it for people who have dry hair. 

Second I have my Biore cleanser which I also loved to pieces I am so sad I didn't repurchase I purchased the Olay Fresh Effects cleansers and I wish I repurchase this one but I will have to wait till I finish the Olay one before I purchase another one. 

Third is my Olay Fresh Effects makeup removing wipes which I love and I have to repurchase :) I used to hate using wipes because I felt you had to use at least 2 wipes to get your makeup off mean while if you use a liquid make up remover all you need is my cotton ball full of makeup remover and your good to go but just recently my local drugstore where out of liquid makeup remover and I decided to pick these up because they were something I wanted to try out & they were on sale for $3.99. That's a great price by me because if there not on sale they retail for $8.99. 

Fifth us my toothpaste which I use Crest 3D white toothpaste which I am absolutely obsessed with. I repurchased like 5 of these and I will be forever repurchasing.

Sixth is my shaving cream which I love I cant even tell you how many times I repurchased this shaving cream. My ran out of this shaving cream and he was like " let me use yours" and I was like you are sure because it is really girly but end of story he loved it. HAHA don't tell him I told you! 

Seventh is my mouth waste I talked to you about this product so many times I cant even begin to tell you how many times I repuchased this product. forever repurchasing. 

Eight is my soap. Again I love! 

Ok, now on to my samples. I don't have that many samples. 

sample #1 is Paul Mitchell conditioner which I used the other day just to finish up I didn't think it was the amazing. I wont be repurchasing. 

sample #2 is Beauty Protector which I love but sadly I would be repurchasing because for an 8oz bottle it is around $21 dollars. I think thats all little crazy I rather purchase Its a 10. 

Lastly is my Yes To Grapefruit dark spot correcting  serum which I loved and adored. I will be repurchasing soon. 

Can you count how many times I said Love! HAHA 

xoxo, Rosie