May Favorites

Hi Beautiful Ladies, 

I hope you all had a lovely and exciting memorial day weekend! I can't believe may is over. I swear this year is going by so fast. 

Jergen's Natural Glow:  
How doesn't love a little glow. Is it weird that I am obsessed with this scent. I think it smells yummy! From the reviews that I've read most people hate it but I love it. I use self tanner consistently throughout the year and this has been a favorite of mine for years . It is so easy to maintain a natural glow you just use it like lotion every time to get out of the shower. It actually makes such a huge difference after the first application. My grandma was like where was the sun because you got really tan and I was like " it was self tanner" and she said " give me that I need some of that". Even my grandma is obsessed with it.   I have no trouble with streaking. Plus, the color gives such a natural glow not an orange looking tan. 

St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Soap: 
I didn't even knew St.Ives made soap. Surprisingly I have really dry skin so most body washes leave my skin extra dry but this body wash actually leaves my skin feeling moisturized  just after the first use. The smell is amazing. The packaging is so cute.  I love it and surprisingly it was a couple dollars at Walmart. 

Tresemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment: (Full Review Here)

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I was at the drugstore yesterday and I saw some new makeup products or high end, let me know what you want a review on next? 

XOXO, Rosie