Tresemme FreshSTART Dry Shampoo Review

Hi Beautiful Ladies, 

Im back for another review today & I am really excited. I feel like I haven't done a review in such a long time and I love doing reviews for you. 

Just recently I have been loving dry shampoo's but this one isn't for me. I love it for volumizing my hair. I gives your hair amazing volume. The scent is lovely too it scents like citrus and lemons. The scent lingers for a couple hours after you apply it. It's not overpowering but you can definitely smell it. 

The product itself is ok....

I don't like that it comes in an aerosol can which requires shaking before you can actually spray it in your hair. Also, it is required that you spray this dry shampoo 8-12 inches away from you hair. It does soak my any access oils I might have in my hair that day. It leaves you hair with a white cast which I didn't like. From far away it looked like I had grown a lot of grey hairs overnight. 

This product is so affordable. I purchased mine at Walmart for $4.48. 

Let me know in the comments if you know of any affordable dry shampoo's I could find? 

XOXO, Rosie