Sephora: If I Had $100 Dollars

I saw this tag by The Beauty Pier and I though it looked so fun. Why not give it a go? Right? 

The Beauty Pier did a drugstore edition but I decided to do a Sephora edition! I have been eyeing some products at Sephora recently.  I haven't been in Sephora in forever and I thought it would be fun to show you what I have been eyeing. 

I saw WhatIhearttoday or Lily do a review of this lip balm in the shade berry and I thought it looked lovely. Once I saw how amazing and pigmented it looked on her I knew I had to have it. If you ever tried a Sugar Fresh Lip Tint before you would know how pigmented and moisturizing they are. 
Retail Price: $22.50

I always here HelloKatyxo on Youtube rave about this product and I love masks in general. I've always tried different drugstore ones but I thought why not try a high end one and see if there is a big difference and it intrigued me because it was black and I have never tried a black face mask before. 
Retail Price: 34.00

I don't know what it is about bloggers and soap and glory products but every bloggers had been obsessing over them and I thought I wanted to try a soap and glory products too. I think it was EssieButton favorites videos where she raved about this product and now when I go to the mall next I need this product. 
Retail Price: $16.00 

Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted a YSL lipstick but I can't justify the price but as of right now I am going to say what the heck and I am going to go to it and purchase a YSL lipstick the next time I go to the mall. 
Retail Price: $34.00

TOTAL: 106.50 

Ok, so I went over $100 but these products have been on my wish list for years and I really want to get my hands on them so bad. 

What color YSL lipstick should I purchase? 
Also, Did you try any of these products, tell me what you think about them? 

xoxo, Rosie