Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo

I was Walmart last month shopping around I ran to the cosmetic section of Walmart right when I walk in the doors of the store. I was just walking through the aisle and I noticed Aussie was having a sale on there shampoo & conditioner. I picked up the shampoo and read the ingredients and reading the back the shampoo bottle and than everyone ran over and threw the shampoo into there carts. I should have videoed it I was just like a movie. It was so funny. When I saw that I decided to purchase it for myself. 

I have tried other Aussie shampoo's in the past and I didn't care for them all that well but I decided to try them again. This shampoo is amazing. I hate when hair care products say "gives you volume" on the packaging of a product, but when actually take them home and try them they don't really give you volume but this shampoo actually gives you volume. I was amazed. 

This shampoo smells like summer time. It smells yummy. This shampoo doesn't give amazing volume but just enough were it's not overwhelming. This shampoo is biodegradable and has natural ingredients. It smells amazing and does an amazing job at shampooing your hair and it's very affordable. 

Overall, this shampoo is well worth every penny. Well worth trying out for the price too. The shampoo actually gives you volume. It smells yummy and the shampoo is biodegradable and made with natural ingredients and it comes with a pump!