Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara Review

I am going to tell you right now I have a shopping addiction and it needs to stop but I couldn't help it when I saw everyone raving about this new mascara. So guess what I did I went out and purchased it myself. One of my all time favorite mascara's in the drugstore is by Maybelline and its called The Falsies so when I heard they were going out with another one I run to Walmart. I was taken back by this new mascara because it is double ended with one brush for your upper lashes and another brushes for your lower lashes.

There are 3 shades available:

-Blackest Black 
-Very Black 
-Brownish Black 

This mascara is amazing. It reminds of the XXL extensions by Maybelline. I love that it has two sides. I think this idea was genius. It doesn't leave my lashes stiff. I had no clumps. When I use a regular mascara to coat by button lashes with mascara I usually end up with smudges on my button lash line. 

The upper lash line brush is a fairy normal size. The brush is plastic. It's smaller that most Maybelline brushes but I like it because its a lot easier to control. I didn't see amazing volume but I did get a lot of length. I do prefer long lashes over volumized lashes. 

Overall, I love this mascara. Mascara is a very important step in my makeup routine. I think this mascara is totally worth it. I love the separation it gives your lashes. Your lashes don't stick together. Having a double ended mascara to also get those button lashes is a great bonus. I used this mascara at my cousin's graduation party last night and I didn't even use the waterproof version and I cried a lot, I am a very emotional person and this mascara didn't go anywhere. It stayed in place all night long. It was very easy to remove as well. To remove my mascara I used the Simple Cleansing Makeup Wipes

XOXO, Rosie