Day 8: A Moment You Felt Most Satisfied With Your Life

I struggled probably for about a day trying to think of a moment in my life that I felt most satisfied with my life then I came to me while driving to pick up dinner with my dad....the day I started blog. 

Starting my blog was the best decision I’ve ever made. Starting a blog is hard and can be stressful at times but I love it. Its my little baby. LOL

There is a lot is wish I knew about starting a blog before I did. Ever so often I look back on my un finished posts and say to myself “what are you doing?” There are times I feel uninspired and lost.  Most of those times I also feel out of the loop with products. Sometimes, I feel overwelmed because other beauty bloggers review these amazing high end products that I often can’t afford but you have to learn not to waste your time worrying about what everyone else is doing. Sure it is fine when you get inspired by others but don’t try to be like them. If you don’t like the way your blog is going. Change it! Start over. There nothing wrong with changing your blog. 

When you not in the mood to write a blog post don’t. Don’t force it. Trust me, I can tell you I look back on some of my order blog post where I have forced myself to write a blog post and most of the time your readers can tell and it makes them not want to read it.

Starting a blog isn’t about competition. There’s room for everyone. Yes, I started my blog and thought to myself I am never going to get one person to read my blog and now I have over 200 page views a day which blows my mind and I can’t thank you enough. It was because of  YOU that I am where I am today.

 I am probably the happiest I’ve ever been in life because I started my blog.  I found something I enjoy and that I love doing. 

XOXO, Rosie