Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Review

A couple months ago I was reading the lovely and talented blogger Essiebutton and she was doing a nail care post and this was one of her products. I was always the type of person to stay clear away from cuticle removers because cuticles are very important for healthy nails. They tell you never to cut or remover your cuticles before they protect your nails from infection. However, we know that cuticles are annoying and can be quit thick so why not remover them every once in a while. 

The cuticle remover comes in this light blue squeeze able bottle and it has a gel like texture but its more on the watery side. It is clear, it has no color what so ever. The nozzle through which to product comes out is the perfect size to control how much product you what to come out. The nozzle it self fits comfortably on the cuticle.

Basically all you do is squeeze the bottle and put the nozzle on your cuticle wait about 15 seconds and gently push back your cuticle beds and remove all the dead skin, the cuticle itself will dissolve. Be careful you don't want to leave the cuticle remover on for a minute or more than just wash away with warm soapy water. 

I tried this a couple times on myself just to test it out and see how I like it and I love it. I was amazed how much cuticle was removed from my nails. Cuticles on the nail can cause infection and can cause flecking or removal of nail polish. 

I purchased mine at Walmart for $4.97 

XOXO, Rosie