I wasn't very big on tanning oil fan in till I saw my aunt use a tanning oil similar to this one and can I tell you she was tan! This is a big must have for me I probably use this tanning oil once or twice a week because it is a tanning oil meaning it has no SPF. This tanning oil is as a nice scent. The formula of this tanning oil is amazing to because you can achieve an even tan. Some tanning oil dry on your skin leaving your skin sticky but no this one. 

I was always scared of using sunscreen for my face because I have very sensitive skin and I can break out easily. This lightweight facial moisturizer and sunscreen has an SPF of 30 with UVA/UVB help defend against long days out in the sun. It has an oil free formula but its very hydrating. It says unscented on the bottle but it has a light sight but fades quickly after application. The sunscreen feels quit thin but not waterly. I can use one pump and it cover my whole face. 

Sunscreens for the face are very important so make sure you keep them with you because when your at the beach or the pool you always reapply. If I am out in the sun I like to reapply my sunscreen every hour or every two hours. 

I am an outdoorsy girl I love to dance,swim, and run. Being a very outdoorsy girl you have to protect your self from the harash UV rays. I am a pale girl but with same sun I tan very easily. Some sunscreens say that they protect you skin from UV rays but most of them don’t. I am willing to spent the extra money for a good sunscreen now than having to remove skin cancer later. 

This sunscreen smells amazing. Rubbing it in I receive no streaks or blotching. It blends in so easily. This sunscreen absorbs quickly and is very fast drying and it also has no oily residue left over when your done rubbing it in. It smells so yummy like coconuts on a hot summer day. I really enjoy that the sunscreen comes with a nozzle for quick application. 

What sunscreen do you use in the summer? 

XOXO, Rosie