Review: Benefit Sun Beam

To be completely honest I was never a big fan of high lighting but this high lighter gives your skin this amazing natural sun kissed glow. All you have to do is dot and blend over your makeup on to your  cheeks. This high lighter will compliant any skintone. It's "liquid sunshine in a bottle".

 Like any other Benefit product is comes it this amazing small screw top bottle with a built in brush with happens to be on the cap. It's pretty much like a nail polish but for your face. 

I was skeptical on the brush in the beginning but I have gotten used to it and I love it. The brush is perfect for dotting the high lighter on your face and blending out. I love the bronze packaging, very chic and shimmery perfect for summer. 

You can also apply this highlighter to you cheek bones, cupid bow, legs, brow bone where ever you want a golden glow. You can also mix Sun Beam with your foundation for an all over glow. The best way to apply this high lighter is to dot using the brush and quickly blend out using your fingers. I suggest using less than more and if you need to add more than go a head and do so. 

I have oily skin and Sun Beam lasts all day with or with a primer. It doesn't break me out. Sun Beam is really worth the investment if you enjoy highlighting like I have been recently. 

XOXO, Rosie