Review: Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

The treatment comes in this brown glass bottle with a bright green label. This treatment provides protection from UV rays however the label prevents you from seeing how much you have left. They're several sizes available 10ml, 30ml, 125ml the biggest size comes with a pump. I have the 10ml and compared to other oils I have this has to be the heaviest oil. 

When I first open the bottle I noticed this treatment has a very intense smell. The scent remains on dry hair for 20 minutes before the scent disappears. It's not a bad scent. I definitely grown on me and I am loving it now. 

Overall, This treatment has the consistency of Morocanoil. When I applied the treatment for the first time the texture was a little to thick. I just had to figure out how much was perfect for my hair. It is very easy to use to much. After blow dying my hair I noticed my hair was mega shiny and super soft and less frizzy. I didn't get rid of all my frizz but no matter what oil I use no oil gets rid of all my frizz. It doesn't feel light and bouncy in your hair, my hair feels so much more healthier. My hair looks so moisturized. I am definitely impressed. 

I'd say it works best on dry hairbut you can use it on normal hair but use a smaller amount. I am loving everything about but the scent but it doesn't lasts long anyways. It gave me more shine than defrizz my hair. This treatment keeps my ends so moisturized. I give this product a two thumbs up I definitely want to try more products from this brand.