Review: Real Techniques Blushes

Real Techniques Powder Blush
This brush has been on my wish list for ages it's unreal. I needed a new all over face brush and I've always heard many beauty bloggers rave about real techniques and I decided I wanted to try them out too. One thing I love about these brushes is there weight. These brushes don't feel cheap and some to be really well made for the price, even though it is sold at Ulta these brushes are well made and cheaper than MAC brushes. The brush itself is super soft. I've been using this brush everyday since I got it.

When I apply powder it does an excellent job I can get my whole face with four strokes. Another reason I love real techniques is because the bristles are white which means you can actually see how much powder you have on the brush.

Real Techniques Blush Brush 
This brush is not only good for blush but I also use this brush for my bronzer. I use this brush everyday. It's a good size for contouring. Many people say that this brush is too big for blush but I have to disagree. I love it.

All Real Technique brushes where made by Samantha Chapman or pixiwoo. Like other bloggers these brushes will never leave your makeup collection anytime soon. Real Technique brushes are worth the hype. They are super soft and affordable. If you don't own any Real Technique brushes I suggest you go out and purchase them now.

If you have ever tried Real Technique brushes before, what do you think of them and what brush should I try next? 

XOXO, Rosie