Review: Vera Bradley Student Agenda

Since it is my last year of college I decided to purchase one of the things I have been eyeing from Vera Bradley since high school and that is the Vera Bradley Student Agenda. I don't know why I never purchased the Vera Bradley Student Agenda before. It is reasonably priced at $18(US). I love that the planner is so cheerful and colorful. This planner makes going to school fun. I love when teachers ask me to write down homework because I get to takes out my agenda and it puts a smile on my face. I love that the weekly pages are colorful just like the cover of the agenda. It is the perfect size its not to big or to small. I also love that the weekly pages have the right amount of lines some agenda don't have many lines and I often run out of room writing down my homework. Also writing down your homework in different colored pens because if I write down all my homework in a blue pen it can often look like a big mess and looking at it I don't want to read it, thats why at the beginning of the year I pick a certain color pen for each subject and I dedicate that one color for the whole school year.