Being a Size Zero

Brooke Davis of One Tree Hill "Zero Is NOT A Size"

Today I stumbled across SimplyClarke blog and it really inspired me to write my own post on what I think size 0 means. Here's what I think size 0 means nothing. 

This is so true because when I am shopping on online there are  always size charts but does a number define who we are as a person. No! A size is just a number. We let this stupid number define how we are as a person and society. 

As girls we are always comparing ourselves to women on the cover of these high-end magazines but to be honest they're all photoshopped to look a specific way and thats not reality. We are all made differently we have different genes, body shapes, height, and our hair weather it's curly or  straight. All women carry themselves differently. Are you going to let comparing yourself to other women ruin your happiness over something so worthless. 

We are going to let counting calories and letting our standards to society limit the foods we love and enjoy eating. 

Like I said before we where all made differently by God. Once you find peace with who you; you will stop caring about what different sizes mean. 

Yes, I struggle with the need to feel perfect. I used to be the girl that would keep a calorie journal but for what? Nothing. Now that doesn't mean I don't have days where I find myself comparing myself to other women. But it doesn't mean I am going to give in to temptation. I am unique, I am different. I am the way God made me which is perfect. 

I believe that "Anorexia is a disease, not a fashion statement. Beauty has nothing to do with what size you wear, it has to do with what's in your heart." - Sophia Bush

We've got to keep spreading messages of love for all women and combat the mindset behind "she is beautiful" and "she is not"!- Grace Beekman

                                                          With Much Love,