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                                                1. What does Girl Power mean to you?

Girl Power to me means Confidence. The confidence to speck your mind. The confidence to go into of a classroom full of students and give a great presentation. The confidence to do whatever you want in your life. Remember it's your life no one else is living it. Make it special. 

2. What is the best advice you can give to girls who want to be powerful?

This goes along with the first question but not giving up. Stand up for what you believe even if no one else is backing you up. Its your life you decide how you want to live it. 

3. If you could have any super power, what would it be and how would you use it?

Does it have to be just one. There are so many I would choose...flying, photographic memory, mind reading, the power to heal. 

4. Show us your best girl power (picture) pose.

Charlie's Angels

5. What beauty product makes you feel powerful?

Definitely, mascara. 

6. Why is it important to have power girls as role models?

It motivates you, It inspires you to be a better person. 

7. What young up and comer do you think is powerful and why?

Definitely, my cousin Francesca. She is just fearless. She will go up to anyone and just make friends. She will go in front of her kindergarden classroom and speak about anything. She not afraid to speak her mind. She's not afraid not try new things. 

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