Review: Dove Oil Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo & Conditioner

Dove Oil Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo 
Dove Oil Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner 

My hair has always been very thick, frizzy, heavy, dry, especially in the winter months. 

 This shampoo and conditioner isn't like anything I've tried before. The shampoo and conditioner feels very high end but yet you can buy it at a budget friendly price.The shampoo and conditioner  feels very rich and luxurious in my hair but when I washed it out it didn't leave behind any type of grease or oil. My hair just feels moisturized. The shampoo and conditioner add shine and softness to your dull over worked hair. 

 My frizziness has gone done a lot since using this shampoo and conditioner. Which is surprising since most shampoo's claim to reduce frizziness but they never do but this shampoo and conditioner does it all. 

This shampoo REALLY cleans my hair and gets all the junk out.

I would recommend this product to anyone suffering with respected hair coloring, heat damage and overall neglect. This shampoo and conditioner are a keeper.