How To Save Money

my saving jar :-) 
all of my money so far 

1. Set Saving Goals- As you can see from the picture I am saving up for the Louis Vuttion Neverfull GM. 

2. Establish a Time Frame- I want to purchase the Louis Vuttion Neverfull GM hopefully as a birthday gift to myself this coming May 2014. Setting a time frame will better help you understand how much money you have to put away weekly or monthly. Don't try and buy something you know won't happen if you don't put away the right amount of money. You will wind up discouraged. 

3. Figure Out How Much You Want To Save Per Week or Monthly- Figure out how much you need to put away weekly without making your broke. Be realistic don't put away money that you need to spend on household utilities like your cell phone bill. 

4. Keep a Journal of all Your Expenses- Keeping a notebook will better help you keep track of you expenses. See what you can cut out. There are also apps that you can download to keep track of your daily spending habits. 

5. Trim Your Expenses- Ask yourself do I really need that? 

6. Stop Using Your Debit or Credit Card- Pay for everything with cash. It's so easy to overspend when using your debit or credit card because you don't know exactly how much is in there. 

7. Don't Give Up- I know it can hard but if you set goals and stick to them you might be surprised money you can put away for something a little more enjoyable than a Mac lipstick.