25 Scriptures To Pray For Your Future Husband

1. Pray your future husband will turn to God for salvation. Pray he will see God as his strength and his song. 

2. Pray God guides him in paths of righteousness, so God's name will be honored. 

3. Pray he will will to God for every need. 

4. Pray he will trust God and not be afraid. Pray he will be in defense. 

5. Pray God's face will shine on him. 

6. Pray he will submit to God. 

7. Pray he will have a heart tender towards God's instruction. 

8. Pray he will run to The Lord as a strong tower. 

9. Pray God will be his hiding place. 

10. Pray he will enjoy God cand seek God's pleasure above his own--and that God will give him the desires of his heart. 

11. Pray he will desire a suitable helper. 

12. Pray he will come to God to be changed so that he will remain blameless. 

13. Pray he will see his own faults and be sympathetic to the faults of others. 

14. Pray he will run the race to win the prize. 

15. Pray he will stand firm in God's will. 

16. Pray he will know the hope to which God has called him. 

17. Pray he will be alert. 

18. Pray he will learn the truth from his heart. 

19. Pray he will be content. 

20. Pray he will won't do things the world's way but rather God's way.

21. Pray he will keep his thoughts obedient to Christ. 

22. Pray God's presence will make him strong and courageous. 

23. Pray he will take all of his requests before God. 

24. Pray he will set his mind of things that are noble. 

25. Pray he will submit to God and resist the devil. 

With Much Love,