25 Scriptures To Pray For Your Future Husband PT.2

26. Pray he will leave the ways of childhood behind as he grows and matures 

27. Pray he will hope in the Lord. 

28. Pray he will have the spiritual power and will grasp Christ's love. 

29. Pray he will surrond himself with wise friends.

30. Pray for his humility. 

31. Pray he will be open to instruction.

32. Pray he will learn to love as God desires him to. 

33. pray he cares for others and its generous.

34. Pray he will not grow weary in doing good.

35. Pray he will grow in the fruit of the Spirt. 

36. Pray he will bear the fruit and become a disciple of Jesus. 

37. Pray his character will build so he will be effective and productive. 

38. Pray God will guard his course. 

39. Pray he will love wisely.  

40. Pray he will be a man of integrity. 

41. Pray he will have God's song in his mouth. 

42. Pray he will fear the Lord and praise Him. 

43. Pray he will seek God first. 

44. Pray he will turn to God to help him live the godly life he desires.

45. Pray he will be strong and walk as God requires. 

46. Pray he'll allow the Lord to direct his steps. 

47. pray he'll conquer evil by doing good. 

48. Pray he'll live a self-controlled life that is a result of his salvation. 

49. Pray he doesn't walk,stand, or sit with ungodly friends. 

50. Pray he will grow and flourish because of his trust in the Lord. 

51. Pray he will not be puffed up but will live by faithfulness. 

52. Pray the Lord will keep him from all harm. 

With Much Love,