Too Faced V.S. Bourjois

This bronzer is a miracle. It applies so effortlessly. You really don't let a lot of product on your brush because it is so pigmented.  I love the practical packaging and design. I honestly feels like your opening a bar of chocolate. The packaging also makes it perfect for travel. The only thing I would change is if Bourjois would insert a compact mirror on the other side of the bronzer for on the go touch-ups but I can't complain. Bourjois claims this product smells like chocolate, but to me it doesn't smell that chocolaty once you have the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer. Its smells more like a delicious perfume scent. This bronzer gives you the perfect sun-kissed glow. It is totally worth this price if you can get your hands on it. 

The packaging. Always the packaging. Too Faced makes some of the most fun-looking product packages and this didn't disappoint. It's scented. The scent of this bronzer definitely smells like chocolate. It is probably to only reseason why I decided to purchase this bronzer. The texture is very smooth and blends beautifully into the skin for a naturally sun-kissed look glow. This bronzer doesn't make me break out. I also love the matte formula because it doesn't highlight my oily trouble areas like most bronzers would.

With Much Love,