Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

When I did my UK/US Swap with Hannah this was one of the first items I told her she had to get me. After hearing for ages that this blush is closely related to Nars Orgasm I knew I had to try it. I have been eying Nar's Orgasm blush for years now but I can't justify to price. 

The color of this blush is a soft medium rosy pink with gold shimmer. One the skin it leaves more of a golden shine than a pink. The pigmentation is just perfect, not too pigmented, not too sheer. You can also use it as a highlight if you wanted too.I would recommend this blush to anyone looking for a budget friendly blush that is also highly pigmented and looks gorgeous on any skin tone. I love the packaging too and it has a mirror which it a bonus.

With Much Love,