Am I Ready For A Relationship?

'There are 5 signs to show if you are actually ready for a relationship'

1. If you are looking at all the WRONG guys:
Now, this happens because your mind is already thinking 'How are I going to sabotage  this relationship.' Your consistently choosing a guy that's not relationship material. 

2. You need a man to feel happy: 
Now, I know every one has done this before. Hey, its ok. I have too. We've all have. Your not only. Do you feel miserable when you are not coupled up? 

3. You believe you can save him: 
Many have this theory that they can save or change their man to become a better person but lets be real you can change a man in less they really want to change. You just may be looking for a project not a relationship. Don't try to be his therapist. 

4. Your looking for someone to save you: 
If you are always asking yourself '“I’m such a mess” or “Why am I so insecure sometimes?”  than you need to take care of your self first before thinking about getting into a relationship. Either your attracted to him because you think he can save you. 

5. Your looking for someone to complete you: 
 If you’re not a whole person in the beginning, the only thing you’ll be completing is a part in a completely dysfunctional relationship. Being in a relationship shouldn't complete you it should compliment you. 

With Much Love,